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Get an interactive Forex trading education with free webinars from Zota Capital.

Feel the joy of stable profits and gain a solid financial position by studying at the Forex trading webinars led by mentors at Zota Capital.


The Zota Capital trading webinar program has been operating since the company was founded and has already trained tens of thousands of professional traders from different countries.

You can choose one of our offered courses for basic, intermediate or advanced levels, or a combination of them fully integrated into the Zota Capital interactive learning system.

Join our online webinars for traders.

Are you a beginner forex trader? Or maybe you want to improve your existing trading skills? Join our online webinars for traders and your personal mentors will be the best traders-mentors of Zota Capital. Join hundreds of traders from different countries, study the trade deals of the world's best traders and use their experience to build your own trading strategies.

Forex Trading Training Program

Do you want to become a Forex trader but don't know where to start? Since its inception, Zota Capital has produced tens of thousands of professional traders who operate around the world. Our online webinar program is designed to teach you profitable trading from the ground up, from scratch. You will receive interactive training and the opportunity to study individually with your trading mentor. Our training webinar program is designed to help you become a trader, achieve your goal and change your life.

Our program includes

Zota Capital mentorship team

We have implemented an online learning method that allows you to interact directly with you. It provides for your communication with the best traders-mentors of Zota Capital in order to teach you how to trade successfully. When you join our online webinar program, you will immediately meet one of our leading forex trading mentors who will review, discuss and revise our program to match your personal knowledge and skills. Whether you are starting a trading career or an experienced trader interested in developing your Forex trading skills and moving to the next level in trading, we will find the right mentor for you that suits you best.

Regular communication with mentors

Ask your questions during the online webinars hosted by our leading Forex trading mentors and other members of the Zota Capital training program. These meetings will focus on trading strategies, management and trading psychology.

Personal mentor: one-to-one mentoring

We believe that there is nothing better than personal training to help you become a truly successful Forex trader. You can plan your one-to-one lessons during the training program directly with your mentor.

We offer one-on-one online training webinars both for teaching trading and in order to improve the efficiency of your work as a trader. This program is for serious traders who are 100% charged for success. We will select one of our best analyst traders to be your personal mentor throughout the webinar. To order an individual webinar with a mentor, please write to us: support@zotatrade.com / info@zotatrade.com.

Our advantages

Real-time trading recommendations

Trade in the trading room in real time with the leading analyst traders from Zota Capital and our team of mentors, as well as other successful practicing traders. Communicate with others like you and get professional education and the necessary support in the field of trading.

Copy trades

Watch the charts and trades of our analytic traders - if you decide to copy our trades, we are all for it! Learn from our experience and build on our success. Join the team of professionals!

Absolute transparency

We will show you all the trades that we execute - both those with the help of which we earned a profit, and those due to which we incurred losses. We publish all our trades in the trading room before entering into them.

Frequently asked Questions

How long do I need to study in the Zota Capital Trading Webinar Program?

Having trained tens of thousands of traders, we have come to the conclusion that when novice traders try to master a subject under study in a short period of time, their chances of success will be lower than those of traders who bet on slow but careful and gradual progress and constant training with consolidation of the studied material. The online training webinar program is built on the principle of gradual complication and is based on our many years of experience gained over many years of training. You will learn new topics week after week, practicing and moving to the next step only after you have mastered the subject and feel confident enough to move on. The tailor-made forex trading curriculum is designed according to the potential for progress and the personal experience of each trader, whether they have experience in the field or not. You can participate in the program as long as you feel you are making progress at a satisfactory pace and that it is worth your time and effort. The terms of participation will vary for different people, however, we would like to offer you at least a few months of participation in the program. You are not required to agree to any minimum membership period. You can leave the program at the end of any course.

What should I expect after completing the program?

Our online webinar curriculum is one of the best forex trading training programs currently available. And our team of mentors, consisting of the best practicing traders-analysts from Zota Capital, is undoubtedly the best team that will teach you how to become a trader with a stable profit. Mastering the training program is only the first step in your career as a Forex trader. Forex trading is a profession and getting the right training is like a marathon. As with any other profession, you will need to continue your education, gaining experience and improving your skills over the years of trading. After completing the training on the Zota Capital online webinar program, you can, if you wish, continue trading with us in our trading room on a daily basis, participate in our seminars for an advanced level, and at a later stage even join our trading program - mentors. This program will allow you to master the educational aspects of Forex trading and join our teaching team. We will help you achieve your personal goals and support you on your way to success!

Can I take a certain course again?

There is no limit to how many times you can take the course and practice any part of our curriculum. Each training course taught during the online webinars is available for reordering and can be taken as many times as you see fit.

What if I miss a lesson included in the online webinar program?

Since all lessons are recorded, you can listen to the recording, or simply join the next lesson on this topic in case you had to miss a certain webinar.

Is the program more suitable for beginners or experienced traders?

The training program will be adapted to your needs - taking into account the fact that you have little experience in this area, or that you are a trader who wants to move to the next professional level. It is likely that an experienced trader will show more interest in one-to-one tutoring and a trading room than in a training course in a group online webinar. Regardless, our experience shows that even experienced traders sometimes need to redo the basics in order to advance to the next professional level.

How can I take part in online Forex trading training webinars?

To submit an application for connection to online webinars as part of the professional training program for forex trading by Zota Capital, please write to us: support@zotatrade.com / info@zotatrade.com.

Do I need to use additional tutorials?

Our curriculum is based on the trading methods and successful careers of the best traders and analysts at Zota Capital. We recommend that you use various specialized books on forex trading as additional teaching materials in the learning process.

Is it possible to discontinue further education in the training program of Zota Capital?

We are here to help you. We will not force you to continue your study program against your will! You can leave the program at any time. To do this, it is enough to warn us in advance about your decision for a timely decision.